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A Comprehensive Guide To Harrison Spinks Mattresses & Beds
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A Comprehensive Guide To Harrison Spinks Mattresses & Beds

Choosing a new mattress is a tough decision, there are so many on the market at various price points, and it can be hard to know which ones offer the quality and durability you desire. Some mattresses can last up to 15 years, so it’s important you invest in one you like and that offers you the best quality sleep. However, there are many more factors to consider, such as sustainability and materials.

For many people, choosing to buy a Harrison Spinks mattress is an easy option, but there are many different ranges to choose from. To help you out, we’ve created a guide to Harrison Spinks Mattresses and Beds to ensure you get the right fit. Read on to learn more.

Who Are Harrison Spinks?

Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that manufactures high-end and bespoke mattresses throughout the UK and internationally. The family has been creating luxury mattresses for over 180 years, making them the best in the market. They now have an extensive team of over 500 workers from farmers to craftsmen and women who still sew and tuft each mattress by hand. They own their own 300-acre farm that provides the natural product that goes into their mattresses. With a commitment to sustainability, this is a high-end brand that you can feel good about buying from.

What Materials Are Used In Harrison Spinks Quality Mattresses?

Inside a Harrison Spinks mattress, you’ll find only natural materials, from the filling to the springs, there are no chemicals, glues or foams. So you can rest well knowing that there are no nasties in your bed.

Sustainable Fillings

Each mattress is filled with its very own sustainable filling. Foam is used in a lot of mattresses, but isn't sustainable as it can’t be recycled. By using naturally occurring materials, Harrison Spinks ensure that their mattresses contribute to an ethical and circular design.

One of the materials they use is alpaca wool. This is a wool that is known for being soft. It is inherently warmer and softer than sheep wool so offers a greater advantage. It contains lanolin which makes it naturally hypoallergenic and provides excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Another material is cashmere, a supremely soft and warm option that is lustrous but highly resilient, making it an ideal option for your mattress. From the cashmere goat, the top layer is durable, while the under layer is lighter and insulating.

You will also find cotton in Harrison Spinks mattresses, as a soft, durable and highly-resilient option, cotton has strong moisture-wicking properties. Egyptian cotton is softer and longer in length with super-fine strands that help keep you cool and dry.

Natural Fibres

When curating the perfect night’s sleep, your mattress needs to be moisture-wicking and able to keep your body cool. This means the right materials need to be chosen. With over 180 years of expertise behind them, Harrison Spinks knows exactly what is required.

They grow hemp, wool and flax on their farm using rich Yorkshire soil. The rich Yorkshire soil and balanced climate provide the perfect conditions to grow hemp and flax. Furthermore, growing it on-site reduces the environmental impact significantly. These materials are also 100% recyclable when it is time to get a new mattress. Hemp offers resilience and durability, ideal for making mattresses, and both hemp and flax create super absorbent fibres, helping you stay cool and dry at night.


All materials in Harrison Spinks mattresses are chemical-free and breathable, offering you the perfect surface to sleep on. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s good to know we aren’t facing any dangerous chemicals while we do it. This includes the tick or ticking of the mattress - the fabric used to cover the mattress. This is created using a combination of state-of-the-art weaving looms and traditional methods.

Harrison Spinks Mattress Ranges

If you have decided to invest in a Harrison Spinks mattress, you may not know where to begin when it comes down to the ranges they offer. Here is a breakdown to help you choose.

Somnus Collection

The Somnus collection uses pioneering innovation to improve and perfect their mattresses. Made with Sensa Intelligent spring systems and home-grown sustainable natural fillings. Every bed is unique with perfect British craftsmanship. The Somnus Veritas uses Egyptian cotton, Yorkshire Dales eco wool, hand-teased long-stranded horsetail, cashmere, tree silk-cotton, mohair, flax, hemptex, alpaca fleece and silk, to offer the most luxurious sleep yet. For the tech-savvy, the Somnus Lifestyle collection offers an adjustable sleep system operated by Bluetooth remote control connected to your smartphone.

The Lunar collection

The Lunar collection is luxury handcrafted pocket-sprung mattresses that are rolled and eco-packed. These are kept in stock ready so that you can get your hands on quality mattresses at the click of a button. Every Lunar mattress offers excellent quality and comfort, whether you want a Dual Sided Mattress or a Turn Free mattress.

The Zenith collection

A completely recyclable range of mattresses, the Zenith collection comprises pocket springs, layered with sustainable Ecotex and home-grown British wool and hemp offering deeper support and excellent comfort. The Zenith collection is more affordable than the Lunar and Somnus collections, so a good starting point for those that want to enjoy a Harrison Spinks Mattress.

Sustainability at Harrison Spinks

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of a Harrison Spinks mattress or bed. They have spent years honing their craft and want to do so in the most ethical way possible. Not only do they produce most of their materials on their own 300-acre farm, but they don’t put any harmful ingredients into their products such as glue or foam. Their mattress production is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and they are constantly pushing to become greener every year. Foam is a material that is unable to be recycled, so Harrison Spinks have replaced this with glue-free micro springs, made in-house. They are highly flexible and help to relieve pressure on your spine while you sleep.

To prove this, they have received two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development and hold a Carbon Neutral+ accreditation, the only bed manufacturer in the Uk with this accreditation. Harrison Spinks also run their own recycling plant so it can take any mattress containing Cortec and recycle it. This includes all the pocket springs, which are taken out and added to the melting pot ready to be used again. Any polyester filling is re-fibernised so that it can be converted into next-generation filling. By buying a Harrison Spinks mattress or bed, you can feel reassured that you aren’t having a negative impact on the environment or our climate. Not only are there no bad chemicals, glue or foam in your bed, but you are also able to recycle every single piece of it when you are done. There’s no better feeling than that.

Interior Outlets - Your Harrison Spinks Retailer

Before you buy a luxury mattress, you want to be sure that you will find it comfortable. That means trying it out in a retail store. There are many places across the Uk where you can buy Harrison Spinks mattresses, but it’s important to choose the right one. Interiors Outlet is based in Manchester and we welcome you to our showroom to try out a Harrison Spinks mattress for yourself. Whether you’re just browsing or you’re buying your second Harrison Spinks mattress, our team is here to help. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the range of luxury furniture we offer. We’re a trusted furniture store that offers bespoke fitted furniture, luxury sofas and much more.



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