Where can I buy high-quality bespoke furniture?

Here at Interiors Outlet Ltd, we offer bespoke furniture, from our wardrobe selection to our luxury sofas, you can find a range of bespoke design opportunities.


Do bed centres sell wardrobes?

More often than not, bed centres will have a selection of bedroom furniture. Including beds, wardrobes and dressing tables. However, this does not go for every store so be sure to double check which bed centres do provide wardrobes.


Can you provide carpet fitters?

Yes! We can provide you with a dedicated and reliable carpet fitter to help lay down your new carpet. We also provide dependable removal services if you are looking to get your carpet removed.


Are your luxury carpets sustainable?

Our carpet disposal uses sustainable methods to get rid of your luxury carpets that are being removed. They are recycled rather than being sent directly to landfill sites.


Are Harrison Spinks mattresses worth the money?

Harrison Spinks are considered premium, luxury mattresses that go above and beyond in comfort and luxury. It was named ‘the best mattress’ in 2021 and ‘immediately inviting’.


Do you sell Westex carpets?

Yes we do! We sell a range of Westex flooring options including carpets! You can look at our carpet and flooring options here.


Where can I buy a solid oak wardrobe?

Furniture outlets are a good place to source what you are looking for and some bed centres will be able to help you find a wardrobe for your home! You can check some stores' inventories online before going to check them out!


Are victoria carpets high quality?

Victoria Carpets have a reputation for being both high quality and retaining good service. We offer a range of carpet services including Victoria Carpets.


Is Ted Todd flooring durable?

Ted Todd Flooring is exceptionally made, with engineered European Oak and they are given a long-lasting hardened oil finish. We offer Ted Todd Flooring here at Interiors Outlet Ltd.


Will a traditional sofa suit a modern home?

Mixing traditional and modern styles can sometimes be challenging, but not impossible. Mixing the two styles, when done correctly can create a beautiful and unique, multi-layered space.


Are Harrison Spinks a sustainable manufacturer?

Yes. You can rest assured that the ethics of Harrison Spinks are completely sustainable. Their new mattresses are now fully foam free, glue free and chemical treatment free.


Will luxury sofas hold their shape?

A luxury sofa will be more durable and resilient to wear and tear than a mass produced sofa. Higher quality materials will allow your sofa to withstand the test of time. On average, luxury sofas should last around 7 to 15 years.


Where can I buy sustainable carpets?

Flooring showrooms should be able to offer you a variety of sustainable carpet options for your home! Sustainable carpets usually use woll, hemp, bamboo and other alternative materials to make them more environmentally friendly.


Do you offer fitted wardrobes?

We offer a large selection of fitted wardrobes in multiple finishes for you to choose from. Our range has good storage capabilities, with a selection of two door and three door wardrobes.


How much does high-quality dining room furniture cost?

The price of high quality dining room furniture can vary. Depending on the set, material and custom nature of your furniture, the price can range from £1,200 - £10,000.  You can enquire about pricing with your furniture supplier.