Breeze Oak Bookcase

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Introducing the Breeze Oak Bookcase, a harmonious marriage of form and function, tailored for the avid reader and design enthusiast alike. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this meticulously crafted bookcase, where practicality meets elegance seamlessly.

The Breeze Oak Bookcase is designed to elevate your literary haven with its refined features. The strategically placed shelf height of 30.7 cm offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to showcase books of various sizes and decorative items with equal grace. Whether you're organizing your extensive book collection or displaying cherished trinkets, each level is a canvas for your personal touch.

At the heart of this bookcase is the internal fixed shelf, providing stability and structure to the unit. This fixed shelf not only enhances the bookcase's durability but also offers a dedicated space for items you may prefer to tuck away discreetly, ensuring a clutter-free and organized look.

Constructed with precision and adorned with an oak finish, the Breeze Oak Bookcase exudes timeless charm that seamlessly integrates into any room's decor. Its sturdy build ensures your literary treasures are displayed securely, while the classic oak finish adds a touch of warmth to your living space.


W: 68 cm x D: 38 cm x H: 184 cm

Delivery Time:

The Breeze Oak Collection currently has a 2-4 week lead-time

*Please Note : Whilst the product colour represented is as closely matched as possible, due to natural composition of the product we cannot guarantee an exact replication of colour.